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Our Story

Introducing Ilocks

Under the theme of "Enjoy your own life in your own way!", We will make the most of individual abilities, provide products that truly satisfy our customers, and enrich our lifestyles for all. We aim to provide services that allow you to spend a wonderful time in Japan.


Core Value


Always be like "us"

We respect each individual existence and provide a place where each can exert their power freely.
In order to be "us", we will create an environment where each person can make the most of their individuality.

Finding new things

We will always read the trends of the times from a step-by-step perspective, introduce new products to the Japanese market, and respond to the needs of society.

Providing affluence for all

We not only want our interests, but also contribute to the creation of a society where consumers, people from overseas countries who connect with us, and all people can be enriched.


Who is Irox?

G’day,we’re IROX. We are an All-in-one Branding, Wholesale and Distribution Agency located in JAPAN.


Import, wholesale and retail of fitness and sporting goods, cosmetics and general goods, specializing in the area of fitness, yoga, wellness and lifestyle.​


Our expertise lies in distribution of products new to Japan, and branding and marketing of products in a way that makes it a perfect fit for the Japanese market​.

Company info.

Company Profile


Ilocks Co., Ltd. [IROX, Inc.]

Representative Director Yuki Iwamoto

4-19-8-301 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

TEL03-6821-3500 (Representative)

FAX 03-6821-3505

Established February 2002

Capital 10,000,000 yen

Bank  Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Omotesando Branch Mizuho Bank Aoyama Branch, etc.

Business content

1. Lifestyle business Product planning / manufacturing / sales / import


● Fashion clothing, sportswear, fitness equipment (yoga equipment, etc.), miscellaneous goods ● Planning, manufacturing and sales of fitness / lifestyle brand “Loopa”
● US Manduka, Japan's total importer and distributor

(Main product suppliers and suppliers)
America, Europe, Asia (own company, related factories, etc.)
USA, China, South Korea, Indonesia (main domestic sales destinations)
Yoga studios, fitness clubs, department stores, retailers and wholesalers, general trading companies, apparel makers, mail order companies (catalog / internet)

2. EC business Planning and operation of EC site


● Puravida! (Mainly handles women's yoga wear and fitness wear)

(Head office)
(Rakuten store)
(yahoo store)

● Yoga & Fitness Specialty Store Highsky

● Manduka Japan (US yoga brand "Manduka" official website)
(Head office)
(yahoo store)


Click here for other group sites


Consulting business ● WEB production / system production ● EC consulting business (net shop construction / operation, etc.)
● Product / model shooting, shooting coordination, WEB page creation, copywriting




SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)は世界共通の17の目標により、貧困や飢餓や暴力を撲滅し、地球環境を壊さずに経済を持続可能な形で発展させ、人権が守られている世界を実現することを目指す「持続可能な開発目標」のことです。SDGs実現のために、今私たちができることを1つずつ取り組んでいます。


4-19-8-301 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Get off at Tokyo Metro "Omotesando Station" and walk 4 minutes from Exit A2

From the A2 subway exit, take Omotesando toward the front of Meiji Jingu and enter diagonally behind Omotesando Hills.
Room 301 of "Arrow Plaza Harajuku" (the APE store is on the left side) behind Omotesando Hills is Ilocks.
Since it is an auto-locking building, press 301 and ring the doorbell to enter.

* Please note that this is an office, not a store.

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