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​Loopa Loopa

"Loopa looper" is a Sanskrit word that means "color," "substance," and "shape." It features beautiful color variations inspired by the colors and substances that exist in nature.
With loopa products, all processes from dyeing to cutting and sewing are done by hand. We value the idea of only one design in the world, and practice manufacturing that puts environmental conservation first.

Japan Total Import Agent

Manduka Manduka

"MANDUKA"'s best-selling black mat is used by many professionals, including top yoga instructors around the world. At first glance, this black mat is dense, high-tech, highly functional, and is the ideal mat for maximum performance and durability. In addition, it is used by a wide range of people with a lineup that can be selected according to the application, such as eco-friendly eco-yoga mats and easy-to-carry prolite.

​Other brands handled

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